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Serving The Ground Source Heat Pump Industry

For over 14 years, GEO-AIR INDUSTRIES Inc. has been a highly recognized company dedicated to promoting the North American Ground Source Heat Pump Industry. In collaboration with its geothermal engineering subsidiary, Geo-Energie, it has completed over 700+ geothermal-related projects in Canada, US, India and Israel.

Our president, Patrick Lambert, was IGSHPA'S official trainer for the province of Quebec before serving as executive officer of the Canadian Geoexchange Coalition for over 10 years. Under his different roles, he directed the CGC's design and installation training programs, co-writed the Canadian Geothermal Standards C-448, and kick-started the first geothermal training program in India.

This experience is how we find the inspiration for our products. We are passionate about improving the practices of the North American Geothermal Industry. We want to make the life of  the geothermal installer easier, and its work more efficient. We want to make the designer's plans better. And ultimately, we want our solutions aimed at improving the industry to benefit both the designer and the installer.


This is why we are proud of our creations such as our pipe spacers, the OMEGA EZ-Snaps . Back in 2005-2009, our design subsidiary Geo-Energie used to specify the GEOCLIP pipe spacer. They were so hard to install that our installers actually hid them! While we saw the potential of pipe spacers for optimizing borehole performance, we also saw how unpractical were actual pipe spacers at the time. We asked ourselves, how can we make something that actually works? Something that a designer will want to specify, and that an installer will want to install?

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