Geo-Purge Mobile Purging Unit

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The Geo-Purge unit is part of our range of mobile units specially designed to carry out purges, dynamic pressure and hydrostatic tests as well as commercial and residential geothermic networks fill-ups. With their rugged design yet small-scale dimension, they step up to the plate and answer all your needs.

Our Geo-Purge range offers you:

  • Units that are entirely made up of non corrodible piping and accessories
  • An extremely robust construction.
  • A stainless steel pump.
  • Stainless steel quick connect adaptors, compatible with all antifreezes on the market.
  • A 100 mesh (150 microns) screen filter to cleanse the geothermic system, allowing for residue recovery analysis.
  • An ergonomic design allowing handling on all types of surfaces and allowing easy passage through standard doors ways
  • Convenient loading in any vehicle thanks to the Easy-Lift system.
  • A simplified drainage system.
  • The largest tank in its class on the market, reducing the number of antifreeze batches to be prepared.
  • Self priming as a bonus!
  • Two models are available:

  • C4500 Model : Commercial model provided with a large capacity industrial pump allowing simultaneous purging of up to four 1 ¼” by 500 foot length (152m) loops.
  • R2500 Model : Residential model provided with a pump allowing simultaneous purging of up to two 1 ¼” by 500 foot length (152m) loops.
  • Each unit series is delivered with an analogical meter, an adjustable flow valve, a filter as well as the handling and how-to instructions, and can be enhanced with various options:
  • - A digital volumetric flow meter.

    - An explosion proof pump and electrical system.

    - Industrial PT port equipped pipe adaptors.

    2HP Stainless Steel Pump (120V/23 A) (240V/11.5 A)

  • Control Panel including: - 30 amp Start/Stop Switch - Digital Volumetric Meter - Digital Flow Meter
  • Analogical Flow Meter
  • 30 US Gallon Tank
  • Output Control Valve
  • Drain Valves
  • 100 mesh Filter
  • Stainless Steel Quick-Connect Adaptors
  • A robust Easy-Lift frame for transport
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